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What The Newsletter Is All About

Let's be clear right from the beginning: making money
with a lawn care business works.

I've lost track of the number of lawns I've mowed and
have looked after. I've lost track of the number of
lawns my students' lawn businesses have mowed and are
looking after.

Starting and running a successful lawn care business
works when you follow a winning formula and take action.

This newsletter is about showing you real, hard-hitting
tips and tricks that can make a "measurable" difference
in your business.

It All Started As A Chore

It's true. I started this whole business as an afternoon chore. What kid actually likes mowing the lawn?

Not many I know.

But one lawn cut after another and the rest is history.

I know I don't look like a lawn cutter and after you listen to my
audio program, maybe you'll think I don't even sound like one.

But let me assure you, for whatever reason, I have a gift to make money mowing lawns. I built a booming lawn care business that made my friends jealous and helped me get ahead in life.

What was once a funny joke turned out to be an adventure that had me making more money than they could dream about.

So here I am. Helping people, just like you, to start and run their own lawn care business -- profitably.

If you're SKEPTICAL, I understand. I would be too. Afterall, who
am I to be giving you lawn mowing advice anyway.

So, let me prove to you, one issue after another, that I just might have the winning ticket you've been looking for.

After doing a survey of my customers and subscribers, everyone is looking for the same thing. I am sure you are too.

I am talking about REAL PEOPLE making REAL MONEY with a lawn care business and the step-by-step details of how they're doing it.

If you're just like them, you too want to find out what works and
what doesn't and apply it to your business TODAY!

Every issue I want you to discover TIPS and TRICKS you can put
to use while your competition comes crashing down around you.
First up...Part 1 of the audio program entitled, "How To Avoid
The Hurdles & Pitfalls That Lead To Lawn Care Business Disaster."

In this excerpt you will discover...

The wrong purpose for having your own lawn care business.
Stumbling blocks to success.
How to keep your phone ringing.
How to get your quotes turned into more sales.
Plus lots more...

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Once again, welcome to the Lawn Care Business Coach
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I want to see you succeed with your
lawn care business.



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