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Issue #15


Editorial: Lawn Care Business Customer Wisdom
By Daniel Pepper

"Good service leads to multiple sales. If you take good care of your customers, they will open doors you could never open by yourself."

-Jim Rohn


Always study your customer. Knowing how to succeed, along with the 'want to', plus knowing your customers, will always lead to success.

Face it, not every person is a customer you should have for your lawn care business. Don't follow in the footsteps of those who failed thinking you need to try and get any kind of customer. That is wrong.

Stick to the good, 'okay' customer. You must define who they are.

You can only take on so many customers as your lawn care
business grows. It's like the hours in a day -- there are only
24. This means you can only service so many. There is a

With this in mind, you want to be carrying out your lawn services
for good customers, not being so tied up with bad ones that you have
to let a good one go.

Focus on attracting these good customers. These are people who pay
on time, who don't complain, who are constantly referring your
business to others. Roll out the red carpet for these customers.


As I mentioned before study your customers. Know where they
came from and how they found your lawn care business. What
advertising methods brought them in. Pump your marketing
dollars in that direction.

Find out where your bad customers came from and steer clear
from marketing that way.

Make phone calls. Send out emails. Find out from your current
customer roster all that you can about them.

Customer knowledge is power. The more of it you've got, the more
powerful your lawn care business becomes.



Do Your Homework

Over the years I've observed that the more experience a lawn business owner has the lazier they are about doing their homework.

Doing your homework is another means of succeeding in the lawn business industry and it's usually not very difficult to do. And once you do it and keep doing it you'll gain another advantage over your competition because most of them are lazy and are probably "winging it".

I've had my fair shares of making costly mistakes because I didn't do my homework first and I've not made that particular mistake again.

Here is a list of 9 sources of research for your lawn business marketing...

1. SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service)

2. Lawn Care Magazines

3. Trade Shows

4. Magazines

5. Competition

6. Friends and Family

7. Books

8. Newsletters such as this one! :-)

9. The Ultimate Lawn Care Business Formula



Where To Find Ambition

By Daniel Pepper

Where does ambition come from? Where do you find it? My mentor told me there is really only one true origin of ambition and that it lies within you.

Every motivation, every action and reaction, every thought. Your true ambition is a reflection of exactly who are.

Who you are is self expression. And self expression is self direction.

How you direct your thoughts, how you direct where you go, how you motivate yourself. Ambition is the result of your self direction.

We all know people who are self directed. They're easy to spot. They know who they are and where they want to go. They are constantly pursuing their goals and are learning things at a rapid rate. They are on their toes ready for a window of opportunity to be acted upon.

A self directed person works on the parts of their life that will make them better. Working on their disciplines, their attitudes, working on their health, working on their leadership skills. They write things out. They plan and visualize themselves in the place they want to be, heading in the direction they want to go.

Here's a great statement that starts to bring this all together. "Direction determines destination."

Start questioning where you are going in life and with business. Is what you're doing today taking you in the direction you want to go? Is who you are spending time with helping you achieve all that you desire to?

What you never want to do is to take things too lightly. Don't kid yourself.

You have to take the time to constantly take note of the direction you're heading in life. Don't put off asking yourself questions that help determine your direction.

After all, if you want to go north and your directing your life south, you'll never arrive, no matter how nice you are and how hard, smart you work.

So ask yourself questions daily. Work with your thoughts to determine the best decision in that moment that will take you in the right direction (self direction). Ride the waves of your ambition as you discipline yourself to ask questions and make changes to stay on the path of success. Let the power of your own ambition take you where you want to go, to do what you want to do, to create the life you want to live and the business you want to own!

Until next time...






Fertilizer For Your Mind

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.

Never begin the day until it is finished on paper.

Learn how to say no. Don't let your mouth overload your back.

Time is the best-kept secret of the rich.



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Equipment Corner


The Ultimate Lawn Care Business Formula Excerpt:


Chapter 17: How To Choose and Look After All Your Equipment


With a lot of paperwork out of the way, now it’s time to start moving into choosing and purchasing the equipment you’ll need to make your lawn business dreams come true. This is all about setting up your home office and office away from home.

When I first started while living at home with my parents, I started with the equipment we had in our garage. Maybe you already have most if not all the equipment you need to get your lawn business rolling too. Perhaps you are starting from scratch.

Start wherever you are at. For some it may make little sense to purchase a ton of equipment right at the start. Even if you start like I do with a non-commercial mower from your garage, its best to start and upgrade later as your business starts making money.

Once the money really starts coming in, you can begin to purchase the biggest and best pieces of equipment on the market, tailored to the types of lawns you look after.

Ultimately, you won’t have much of a choice because chances are your garage mower is not commercial grade which means it won’t stand the test of time and punishment you put it through every day you use it. You’re going to have to eventually make an equipment purchase no matter what you do.

On the other hand, it may be best for you to...



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Recommended Resources

The DUMMIE Book Series


Millions of Americans own their own businesses, and millions more dream of doing the same. But starting your own business is a pretty complicated matter, especially with all the legal issues and paperwork. This updated edition of the top-selling small business resource SBK is chock-full of information, resources, and helpful hints on making the transition from a great idea to a great business.  

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Business Plans Kit For Dummies covers how to put a business plan to work! This kit covers business plans for every stage (and every type) of business: e-business, sole proprietorships, small businesses, service companies, high-tech companies, non-profits -- even business plans for middle managers and restructuring a company. It emphasizes methods for obtaining funding and sources to tap for capital, and explains how to formulate business plans according to the planned business model -- bricks-and-mortar vs. e-business. It also includes updated terminology and jargon from the business planning and venture capital industries, and shows you how to gear specific plans for businesses in different phases of development (i.e., startup, expansion, etc.).  

"Part of succeeding with a lawn care business is having a plan. If you need help with the development of your business plan, this book may be what you need. Take a look."


The painless way to master the art of bookkeeping. Manage your own finances to save money and grow your business. If you're a small business owner who manages your own finances, Bookkeeping For Dummies is for you. This friendly guide covers all the basics of bookkeeping -- from recording transactions to producing balance sheets and year-end reports. It's the easy way to keep track of your business's financial well-being.  

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