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Issue #3



This issue includes...

1) Coaching

2) Lawn Care Business Resource Reviews:
Your Lawn Business LOGO

3) Speaker's Corner


How is it going?

As you tackle the process of building a lawn care business
each day, do only what you know needs to be done.

As they say, keep it simple.

Frankly, it may just be about you reading through a
chapter of a book...then another chapter and so on.

Don't think everything has be perfected right away. Just take
one step at a time...one strategy at a time...learn it and
put it into action.

Anything is possible for you and your lawn business. Think
about what actions you could take today to get the ball rolling
towards what you dream about in the future.


Smart lawn business owners think in terms of 10 minutes. What can
I use this 10 minute moment for to really move things forward
for my lawn business?

Don't laugh at this idea. Most people scoff at 10 minutes and
think nothing of any value can be done in so little time.

But not you. Own those 10 minutes you have. Many substantial lawn
business breakthroughs have come in 10 minute moments. Just
10 minutes of reading and making some relevant notes about what
you learn can rocket your success to the moon.


As you have already found out, or soon will, there is a whole
other way to think in order to succeed with lawn care.

You will be faced with the nagging thought that will tell you
that you don't have the time to really put into action what
you learn.

This is a lie.

Do you own your time or does time own you? It's up to you and
if you own time, there is nothing you cannot do.

The truth is that it is not about the inability to find time,
it is really about the inability to 'wanting' to find the

Think about that.

If you are swamped with work and one of your employees
severely cuts their finger, will you find the time to stop
and help them?

Of course.

If you were booked solid with lawn care and someone came to
you desperate to mow their lawn and offered $1 million dollars
for you to do it, could you find the time?

Of course.

The reality is that there is time enough to succeed and
build a profitable lawn business. Priorities are your
problem, not time.


People who fail at a lawn business are victims of their own
to-do lists. They look at their to-do list and think how in the
world can they possibly do it all?

Thinking like that instantly causes someone to lose energy
and drive.

You must be bolder than that and understand that its about
putting the most important things first and completing tasks
one at a time.

Delegate where you can. Hold people accountable. Be an owner
of a lawn business and not a victim.


Find out what successful lawn care business owners are doing
and copy them. That's the age old truth that still applies today.
I trust you picked up on those habits from Part 2 of the audio
program "How To Avoid The Hurdles & Pitfalls That Lead To
Lawn Care Business Disaster".

In Part 3 you will discover...
Why you must stay away from WRONG customers.
6 popular ways to grow your lawn care business.
How to stop losing customers.
Why you must love your lawn care business.
Plus lots more...

You can download your audio by visiting here.



Lawn Care Business Resource Reviews

During your journey to lawn care business success, having
resources that help you along the way can be invaluable.

This section of the newsletter is devoted to reviewing
resources you may want to look into {!firstname_fix}.

After investigating these resources you may find they are the
ticket you were looking for to get to the NEXT level with
your lawn business and to rake in even more money.

Today we'll be looking at getting your company LOGO.


Design your own logo in minutes with LogoMaker's easy-to-use
online logo maker system. LogoMaker provides you full control
throughout the logo design process - customize your colors,
fonts, and sizes. With over 10,000 unique icons to choose from,
your are guaranteed to create a logo you'll love. Getting a logo
has never been easier!

"I like the website and the ease of creating a logo. This is
quite professional and my initial plan of taking 15 minutes
to look at the site turned into over an hour because I had
a lot of fun. If you have an eye for design or even a tight
budget, you'll want to check this do-it-yourself site out.
It is listed in The Formula's APPENDIX."


The Logo Creator is easy to use! The more time you spend
with it, the more power you'll have over your new image! The
Logo Creator has done most of the hard work for you, you just
have to customize the templates.

With The Logo Creator, logo design software, you're in
complete control! You are the designer! This is unlike any other
logo software on the market. It's easy, powerful and very

"This is another do-it-yourself logo solution. This program
creates some very nice logos also. They spare no expense in
showing you what you can create using the software. If you
want software that will enable you to create logos any time
you want, then take a look at this site in the APPENDIX of
"The Formula"."


Logo Works offer many different logo design packages so you
can choose the one that best fits your needs. The more logo
concepts you want, the more designers we provide so every
logo concept is original and unique.

Our unique model ensures you'll be happy you chose Logoworks
- your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you want stationery, business
cards, or a website, choose a package that features these options
to save time and money upfront.

"If you'd rather leave your logo design in the hands of a
professional, then this may be your solution. Logo Works has
some impressive packages to choose from and certainly
delivers first-class professional images. Take a look.
You'll find the link in the APPENDIX of "The Formula"."


Speaker's Corner

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Until next time...

Daniel Pepper, President


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