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Issue #5


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I worked really hard to build my lawn care business to
the level it got to. I uncovered many of the concepts as
a result of trial and error.

I did it so that you don't have to work nearly as hard at
figuring out what works. All you need to do is follow my

I always remind people I started with nothing. No sales
training. No success manuals. It came down to good old
hard work.

If you too are starting from scratch, I'm living proof you
can do it.

If you're not starting from scratch, I'm living proof that
you 'really' can make even more money with your
current lawn care business.


Inches win olympic medals. Inches win horse races.
And inches win lawn care business market share.

You don't have to be a million times better than your
competitor. Sometimes all it takes is being just an
inch better.

Make one more phone call each night. Drop off one
more flyer. Network with one more business. Offer
one more lawn service.

Beating your competition isn't hard to do.


Owning your own lawn care business can be whatever
you want it to be. It can be the very thing you do for
the rest of your life or it can simply be a stepping stone
to something greater.

No matter what your desire, it will help you get an
advantage in life and help you get what you want.


If I've illuminated just one major concept or sales technique
or tool that can improve your results in lawn maintenance and
even your life in general, then your time was spent wisely.

Sometimes that is all it takes. Just one or two major

The sky is the limit. Think about that. Money doesn't grow on
trees, it grows on lawns. Can you imagine your company
picking up all that business, even in just your neighborhood

The opportunities that are out there for you are limitless.

Speaker's Corner

"This formula blows the others out of the water. If you're really
serious about building a profitable lawn care business, you must
get this course. It's spectacular."

-- Al Alton

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Until next time...

Daniel Pepper, President


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