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Issue #7

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There are 4 major reasons for why a person would fail with a
lawn care business.

Ignorance, indecision, procrastination, and a lack of discipline.

If you want to beat the odds and succeed you need to keep
mowing. Keep trimming. Keep treating your customers and
employees right. Keep fighting.

Do what needs to be done and you'll be successful.


If you have ever met a millionaire you are sure to come across
the startling fact that most are ordinary people.

Ordinary people have become rich through all sorts of ventures
and a lawn care business is no exception.

A lawn business offers you the limitless opportunity to grow and
earn big profits. You are the only determining factor to how big
your profits are. All you need to do is to run and manage your
business more efficiently than your competitors.


Nothing on the outside can stop you from achieving the goals
you have set for yourself and your business. You're not the
first person to walk down this road. There is always someone
else in the world that possessed even more seemingly impossible
odds but has gone through and come out the other side a winner.

Put the list of reasons it won't be you away. Someone else has
faced twice as much and been successful with lawn care in the
face of it.

How badly do you want a profitable lawn business?

You're going to get it if you fight until you see your dreams
become a reality.


Speaker's Corner

"Great service! Fast, efficient, and courteous. You and your
products & services are first-class! You are a superb lawn care
-- John Murphy

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Daniel Pepper, President


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