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Editorial: What Is Lawn Care Business Wealth Anyway?
By Daniel Pepper

""You will be amazed at how much free time you actually have when you never have to think about or worry about money." /p>

— Bob Proctor: Motivational author and lecturer



Have you ever sat back and wondering what in the world lawn care business wealth is?

Maybe you've noticed those magazines like Forbes’ annual issue of the richest Americans and wondered how they came up with formulating the list.

Well one of my favorite topics when speaking about wealth is the ever complicated issue people make about Donald Trump and his empire.

The fact is, the convoluted story of him and his wealth is similar to many who are rich in this country.

Some say he is worth billions. Some say millions. There are still some who say he has zero net worth.

Well, what is he worth? What's the bottomline? Well, no one can really guess and put a number to it. Looking at wealth simply with money tends to be complicated and somewhat limited.

Let me explain.

To have outrageous wealth with a lawn care business, you need to do things outrageously. You need to think outside the box at times. Let's look at wealth outside the box and not focus on money as the only definition.

I like what I heard one savvy business man say. "Your only real security is your ability to produce."

Now that is priceless!

Yes, it's a little general and perhaps too simple but there's a ton we can learn from it.

That simple sentence gives us one form of lawn care business wealth some may not have thought of before.

Wealth sometimes comes down to what you know, know how to do, and the thing(s) you do so well just about no one else is your equal. In addition, this includes having information (like my course, books, etc) that few to no one else has(or uses).

That's quite a deep thought but it's worth thinking about as one form of wealth.

As many of you reading this know, in the lawn care business products I offer, I have tried to open people's eyes to see that wealth with a lawn care business also comes down to your attitude. This is the another form of lawn care business wealth worth acknowledging.

The deep-rooted belief that you can and will succeed. That you have what it takes to own and run a lawn care business that is profitable and successful and that you will persist no matter what comes your way. And that you will follow proven "how to" information accompanied with a genuinely driven "want to".

What I most enjoy about looking at wealth from this perspective rather than the good old mighty dollar is that it is the great equalizer. After all, you rarely attempt what you don't believe you can accomplish.

Andrew Carnegie described it as the certainty you must keep secret, that you are far superior to your peers and competitors, and, in fact, equipped and meant to rule.

But, like I encounter on the phone, by email, or in person, as soon as I mention this perspective on wealth most people tune it out and place little value on this personal production of wealth and invest little to no time or energy into sharpening their competencies.

The reality is, you have a profound advantage over your lawn care business competition when you do make such an investment into this internal wealth production.

The unfortunate reality is that people think nothing much of paying $30K or even $50K for a car, but laugh at $5,000.00 for an important lawn business seminar (have you attended one of mine yet?).

Now don't get me wrong. For those of you who still insist that name-brand identity is a form of wealth, I agree. I would suggest it as yet another form of lawn care business wealth.

Whether you have 5 customers and a van or 10 trucks with 30 employees or more, there is real wealth in a known and respected lawn business name. Yes, a ton of entrepreneurs made a fortune from being known and for what they are known for.

With that said, I still feel that this form of wealth comes best as a by-product to the other forms of lawn care business wealth.

Another form of wealth with a lawn care business is of course your customers. These are the people who will loyally call on your business season after season as long as you deliver and maintain their interest and deliver fresh lawn care value.

It's interesting to note that just as most of our employees do not understand that it is the lawn business customer who signs the paycheck, most entrepreneurs do not understand that it is also the customer who decides their wealth.

People who tie their wealth to their rider mower, fancy trucks, number of employees etc. are inevitably heading into some uncertainty and bumpy roads.

Let me bring this on home. Not everyone will agree with these definitions of wealth but they are some of the top that are exhibited in many of the best lawn care businesses in the country.

The formula to lawn care business wealth is sharpening your competencies and your attitude, nurturing and growing your loyal customer list (people who spend money in your company regularly and reliably), maintaining a strong reputation for your lawn care business name and/or brand identity, your ability to deliver the desired lawn care services, and your ability to sell those lawn care services.

What we can see on our financial statements is a limited reflection of real lawn care business wealth.

This is worth thinking about.



Free Recorded Messages Work

When I first saw advertisers ask people to call a phone number to hear a free recorded messages I thought to myself, what a waste.

I was wrong.

Time and time again, this little free recorded message will actually out-perform simply listing your lawn business phone number.

The truth is, most people don't like to reveal just who they are and what they want until they're comfortable. By giving your prospective customers a number to call, many people prefer this form of remaining anonymous. A lot of people don't like to deal with a "real" person on the other end of the line right away.

In terms of advertising, by using a free recorded message, a grass cutting business owner can use less space and use the phone message as their means of delivering your bigger advertisement.

With less information within the ad, the lawn care business owners saves money while warming the customer up to purchase at the same time by keeping them within their comfort zone.

Until next time...






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