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Issue #6

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It doesn't take long for someone to start calculating how much
money they can make with their lawn care business. And there
is nothing wrong with doing that.

Why don't we do that right now?

Take an average lawn and attach a $35/cut price to mow it in
your neighborhood. If you can mow one average lawn in one
hour that's $35 in one hour.

(Don't charge by the hour. Only charge per cut. I explain
why in "The Formula".)

Let's stop here for a second.

$35 in one hour! That ain't bad at all. Sure beats $5, $10, or
even $25/hr doesn't it?

Okay...moving along...if you mow 8 average lawns in a day that's
a $280 pay day, $1400/5-day week, and $5600/month.

But since some people say it's more accurate to say there are 4.3
weeks in a month, we'll need to adjust your monthly income.

$1400/5-day week x 4.3 weeks in a month = $6020!

Now in this basic example I am not taking into consideration
any expenses but you can sure see that the numbers look good.

Really, my hope, is that you make what you set
out as a goal to make.


No doubt about it, running a lawn care business can be a fast
paced experience. Well, it can be if you want to make good money
at it. You're not just making one lawn look good. You may have
up to 7, 15, 20 or more a day to mow. You've got to keep moving.

Thomas Edison said, 'Everything comes to him who hustles while he

Grab a hold of that truth with both hands and keep working 'smart'.
Look to not waste time. Arrive at a customer's lawn, carry out your
services above their expectations, and then move onto the next one.

Use your your time wisely.


You're going to have to face challenges. All of us in the lawn
industry have and some have come out on the other side victorious.

For one, it's not easy to mow several lawns every day if your body
is not used to that. Eventually, it will become accustomed to the
daily demands.

Meeting new people and closing quotes is not always easy for some
of us. It certainly wasn't for me when I first started. I was scared and
found my ringing phone a bitter sweet thing.

On one hand I wanted the business but on the other I was nervous to
meet people.

Well, I faced my fear and look where my lawn care business is today.
If I can do it, so can you.

Even with challenges, it is possible to get rich with a lawn care
business and as you take one step after another, I am going to show
you how.


Speaker's Corner

"SLC is a superb company with a unique lawn care business
product that truly is the best on the internet.

Personal contact with the SLC team shows me the company
is truly upstanding and is behind its products and services
-- Syd Powell

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Daniel Pepper, President


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