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Daniel Pepper & Successful Lawn Business Strategies

People often ask us why Daniel Pepper is so different from other grass cutting experts. What makes him such a grass cutting machine? Beyond the more than 17 years of 'real life' lawn care experience that began at the age of 12, our founder, Daniel Pepper, brought to the thinking and 'hands-on' design of the "Ultimate Lawn Care Business Formula", we believe our formula is a dynamic blend of passion, motivation, and cutting-edge lawn care tips and techniques anyone can easily understand and apply.

Through years of development and improvement, Daniel Pepper has evolved into a world renowned lawn business expert. But it didn't happen overnight, as some may think. Daniel took his afternoon chore and began to slowly turn it into a real business. He would mow after school and during the summers. Along the way in his spare time, Daniel would occasionally play an acting role here and there on film and television for fun. He has had the pleasure of starring in great commercials for McDonald's and NIKE, working on TV shows like Stargate SG-1, as well as working with many great actors like Al Pacino, John Cusack, Joan Cusack, William Forsythe, and others.

His on-screen experience massively helped develop his leadership and business skills so that he could continue to build his grass cutting machine (his business) bigger and better. As a result to this day, he has mowed over 41,362 lawns and is passionately guided by the firm belief that anyone can follow in his foot steps and start a lawn business -- a profitable one at that. He's often heard saying, "If this ordinary student can do it, so can you!"

Some programs take a second-rate approach to starting a lawn business giving people empty suggestions and shallow instructions. But with "The Formula", we help each person individually grow as a business owner and then work to introduce and teach each and every step necessary to running a lawn business in all the right ways. The end result is that each person that applies what they learn and persists to the end really does produce a grass cutting machine (business) for themselves faster than if they tried on their own and catapults past their local competition leaving them in their dust.

Beginning at the individual level and improving grass cutting machine performance from the inside out, Daniel Pepper's formula brings about sensational 'on the job' results.

Daniel Pepper is here to help anyone properly and thoroughly start a lawn business or vastly improve the one they currently own. He does this by maximizing internal productivity and performance for customers through "The Formula". His formula is designed to bridge the gap between skill building and performance, and is designed specifically to improve lawn maintenance business profitability.

Daniel Pepper's high energy and his gift of engaging his audience, thanks to his acting experience, combined with his tips and tricks in the "Ultimate Lawn Care Business Formula", is a winning combination that has resulted in Daniel working with a diverse client base.

Daniel Pepper and his staff are uniquely equipped to work with people interested in starting a successful lawn maintenance business in a way that is tailored to each individual circumstance. With the "The Formula", Daniel Pepper has revealed easy to understand tips and techniques and simple step-by-step processes so that virtually anyone who wants to, can borrow his experience and see their life goals become a reality thanks to their own profitable lawn business. Daniel Pepper, Successful Lawn Business Strategies, Student Lawn Corporation, Mission, and Values Statement

Vision: To be the worldwide leader in grass cutting business training.

Mission: To be the difference-maker in people's personal and business life.

Values: A cohesive team embracing integrity and serving anyone who needs our help to get to the next level in their grass cutting business.

“Teaching, Training, and Turning You Into a Lawn Care Business Expert.”™