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Here are just a few of the hundreds of emails and
letters I've received from people just like you who cut grass and make "real" money doing it..


“The Formula has surprised me time and again...”*

"I wanted to say thanks for all of the info you've provided me. I'm always VERY skeptical about buying anything over the net and I've NEVER bought an e-book before but I have to say that this book has surprised me time and again with its insight and solid advice. Thanks again to you and your team!"

Bryan Davis
Davis Landscaping and Lawn Care



“The Formula is great... ”*

"The Formula is great. Even down under I am able to take things from your course and apply it. People are people and it's all about how to market to them and get them to hire you. That and more is what I found within the Formula. My lawn business is growing faster than I thought and I owe much of that to this course about how to cut grass."

Gilbert Ripley




“An inspiring Formula...”*

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for putting together such a fine and inspiring Formula. Your legwork and dedication of putting all this together has saved me huge amounts of time and research. I have struggled along as a wannabe business person for a couple of years now, and thanks to your formula I am completely re-inspired and ready to take on the market.  You have helped me to "put it all together" and to gain a "big picture" view of my company and my life that I was previously lacking."

Mike Brunelle
Small Town
Landscape Services




“Simply the best...”*

"You guys are the best of the best...what an extraordinary value! Well worth every penny spent. Making money with lawn care really is attainable, even for someone in my situation. "

Scott Riley



“Very satisfied customer!...”*

"Your flexibility to meet our needs is incredible. You really are all about seeing people succeed. Your marketing ideas are ingenius and yet so obvious. All it takes is knowing what to do and how to cut grass. Your Formula has it all. Thank you."

John J. Murphy



“The Formula is a masterpiece...”*

"I don't want my competitors to see this. Thank you for your tips and for your help about how to cut grass. You guys are first-class."

Alex Rivera
AR Lawn Care
New York



“This is a bargain...”*

"Thank you. This whole experience is such a bargain. I sort of feel guilty...this should cost much more. Feel free to use my testimonial."

Bob Wosnock




“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this...”*

"You accurately deliver on your promises. This is an amazing lawn care resource that other lawn business owners from across this country hope their competitors never see."

Margaret Watkins




"I am so glad I went through with doing business with your company. I am continually complimented on the results I have gotten from all your help about how to cut grass. Thank you very much. Your Formula is hard-hitting and it works. I know this because I see the results actually working for me when I cut grass. Wow!"

Shawn Gill
Shawn's Lawns




“This is one resource you NEED!...”*

"If you're looking for a comprehensive lawn business course that truly is the one resource you need, then as of this moment, I personally believe there's no other product out there that delivers more value than this Formula. Sure everyone boasts about how great their "How To" book is but is it really changing people's lives and their businesses or is it just sitting somewhere unused. This Formula is the real deal and I am so blown away about how well it delivers lawn care advice that I can put to use. I have made money off this book and in the end, isn't that what it is all about? This course rocks."

Tommy Laughlin
New Zealand




“It's working...”*

"Thanks for teaching us how to cut grass. Your Formula has worked wonders in giving us some extra income. Your advice is rock-solid and the results are undeniable. We know how to cut grass and make cash."

Jayton Myers
JM Gardening




“The 'Formula' gets 5 stars...”*

"This Formula blows the others out of the water. If you're really serious about building a profitable lawn care business, you must get this course. It's spectacular. Then again, if you live in my state, I'd rather you don't because the problem is that it works."

Al Alton
Al's Lawn & Garden Services

North Carolina




“It works here too...”*

"Thank you. This course is great and my mates have seen tremendous results in my business since I got my hands on it. It works here, just like you said and I am now pulling out more money from my lawn business now that I know how to cut grass better. Thanks again."

A. Burns

London, England

* The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results when they cut grass. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.