Honda Lawn Mower Reviews

If you're passionate about your yard then it's no wonder you're looking into reviews on honda lawn mowers.

We all know there is more to an outstanding lawn mower than just a great engine, or a great color scheme, or a great mower deck.

We've found that honda lawn mowers offer all of these things on their mowers and more. You really do get a bigger bang for your buck.

Everyone knows that honda lawn mowers are world famous for their easy-starting engines. They deliver smooth, quiet and reliable four-stroke power and very low emissions levels.

Honda lawn mowers offer a variety of engines that offer plenty of power for home and commercial use.

Honda lawn mowers are certified as CARB compliant in all 50 states of the United States. If you're looking to make a purchase with the environment in mind then Honda has made it easier for you.

Currently, Honda is the only manufacturer of lawn and garden power equipment that meet CARB’s requirements in all 50 states. This makes it obvious as to why Honda makes more engines than anyone else on earth.

Honda lawn mowers are pre-tested and ready to perform for you to whatever degree you need them to.

There are 3 different lines of lawn mowers for you to choose from:


Honda Harmony II

This mower will last and it keeps its value. This line of Honda lawn mowers is reliable and is a great introduction to the family.

Every one of these Honda lawn mowers have long-lasting steel decks and the Zone Start Flywheel Brake Safety System that quickly stops the blade without operator presence.

It's easy to start, has low emissions, and is quiet. These Honda lawn mowers are easy to operate and do a fantastic job.

Honda HRX


This line of Honda lawn mowers boasts the unique Versamow System™ that can, for the first time on any mower simultaneously distribute grass clippings to both the bag and the ground. Not bad at all.

These mowers feature a powerful 6.5-hp Honda GCV overhead cam engine with a choice of Smart Drive or Cruise Control Hydrostatic transmission.

The Versamow System™ has been designed to be a complete 4 in 1 mowing system delivering the ultimate in versatility. It actually allows for maximum mowing performance by allowing the operator to select either the bagging or mulching configuration with a turn of the clip director.

The Versamow System clip director allows the operator to:

- Rear discharge

- Mulch 100 percent of clippings
- Bag 100 percent of clippings
- Mulch and bag or rear discharge in varying degrees through 10 separate settings at the   same time

This line of Honda lawn mowers also offers a setting for leaf shredding where leaves are recirculated until they are small enough to pass through the Versamow opening and into the bag. This can all happen without a conventional mulch plug that you'll find with other mowers.

The Honda Microcut ™ Twin Blade system uses four cutting surfaces to cut grass into tiny pieces that quickly decompose and fertilizes the lawn. This unique and special design is exclusive to Honda lawn mowers, and it produces finer clippings for superior mulching.

This system also creates superior bagging: finer clippings take up less volume, so the bag fills up less often which in turn means less labor to empty it. Operators can now mow between on average 45% further than other conventional bagging mowers before having to empty the bag. A very attractive feature indeed.

The mower decks for these Honda lawn mowers will never rust, dent, or corrode and is backed by Honda’s Limited Lifetime Deck warranty.

The Electric Start Explained:: The HMA model of these Honda lawn mowers features an electric start with advanced battery technology. The "Cyclon Battery" is totally rechargable and holds its charge for up to a whopping 300 starts.

* Honda's battery is designed to last for many years, compared to other types of mowers which require yearly replacement. Don't worry -- the charger is included with your purchase.

* Keep in mind that you will need to completely charge battery at the beginning of the season and once at the end of the season for storage through the winter.

Other features for these Honda lawn mowers are seven mowing heights with a range from 3/4" to 4". They have bigger 9" wheels which mean smoother movement over all types of surfaces. And they have three position handles that easily adjust for different operators and for quick and easy storage -- even in tight places.


Honda Commercial


This line of Honda lawn mowers are first class. They feature Honda's easy starting commercial grade overhead valve engine that gives you all the features you need in push or self-propelled lawnmowers. They also offer increased fuel efficiency and the ultimate in reliability.

Not to mention more than enough power for any mowing situation you can encounter (well almost any). They are commercial-strength indeed and do a phenomenal lawn cut.



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