Dandelions - How To Defeat Them




1. Don't Overdo It With Weed Killer

Its during the middle to late spring that the dandelion is at it's worst. It seems out of nowhere they have taken over a yard. Then in no time flat the dandelion seeds and waits for the wind to spread even more of this pest throughout the grass.

So most run for the weed killer with both barrels loaded. Don't do this because if you do you will kill the dandelion weed along with the lawn and have to do a complete new planting.

The problem with most regular weed and feed or broadleaf perennial weed killers is that a dandelion is just not that vulnerable to it in the spring. Better is to try killing a dandelion in the fall because they will be waning for the season and will take the weed killer down to their roots along with their winter food supply.

Regardless of what is said here you can spray in spring. But you'll have to spray again in summer, and in the fall. You can go ahead and treat the dandelions in spring with some results. Do yourself a favor though and don't go overboard spraying them hoping that you will destroy them by June.

2. The Best Defense

The best defense against the dandelion is a thick, healthy lawn. Fertilize your lawn, water it properly (deeply once or twice a week in the cool of the morning or at night, not for shorter periods every day), and mow the lawn higher.


3. Bag Them Up

The last step you need to do is to cut the dandelion heads into plastic bags before they spread their seeds all over your lawn. It isn't the most pleasant process, but it will make a difference.

Stick to following these tips for dandelion weed control, and you'll be the envy of the neighborhood with your dandelion free lawn.



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